What Clients Say


Robert S.

Laura's drive to help others and her caring heart separate her from all others in this field.  In times past, she was the one I turned to when I was lost, and never failed to listen to me and lift me up and make me feel better about myself.  Best coach ever!

Beth L.

Laura has been such a positive impact on my physical and mental health, I don't know where I would be without her.  I am now educated on how to get up and get moving. I lost 45 lbs with her guidance and am now taking care of myself mentally/emotionally.  Laura has painstakingly listened to my issues and created a healthy life plan that has given me the opportunity to be my best self.  Without Laura's guidance and education, I would never have been able to achieve a positive and healthy, better life.  Thank you Laura, for making such a positive change in my life, you are truly an inspiration.

Patricia F.

I was having problems with my liver enzymes being at an elevated level and consulted with Laura on this.  She gave me great advice on how to bring them back to a normal level.  She rocks!

Carol S.

There are very few people in my life that I have been able to say "to know her is a life changing experience."  You may have heard these words before, but she is a unique individual who is able to change the atmosphere, in the most positive way, that surrounds you and others.  Laura can bring forth YOUR most positive attitude, YOUR appreciation for life and above all, create a respect in YOU to utilize and view food as a means to create YOUR very best self.  If you doubt this, my advice would be to meet her once and judge from there.

John S.

Thanks to Laura Shofroth, I started juicing about 6 weeks ago.  My tennis elbow of 10 years is gone thanks to the turmeric I am juicing & feeling amazing!

What Clients Say


Janice W.

Laura has been telling me for more than 20 yrs "Food is Medicine". I've listened along the way.  I'm now 62 and am going into the my last quarter healthier than I've ever been.  Weight, skin, eyes & overall health.  Using bone broth, greens, greens, greens and whatever else that grows naturally unmodified or manipulated.  I had muscle allergy testing done and removed from my diet gluten, milk, dairy and eggs.  I added more of Laura's guidance with food combinations and juicing.  My take away is understanding how one food assists the next food's nutrients and good fats get absorbed by the body and assists with removing the waste.  Digestion starts in the mouth, enjoy each bite slowly.  Good gut bacteria is crucial to over all health and moderation in all you do. 

Bonus: Laura does all the research.

Donna S.

I cannot thank Laura enough for  her coaching and information.  Her guidance helped me to give myself permission to let go of past expectations and labels put upon me by myself and others (good and bad) & reach out and claim the amazing life God planned for me from the womb.  Each day I feel the old edges falling away and the authentic 'me' emerging.  Like Dorothy, the answer was always inside of me, but again like Dorothy, I needed help from 'friends'.  Thank you for being my Wizard.

What Clients Say

Laura Shofroth's motivation to not give up

George W.


I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on Nov 2017 at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Fl. I had enlarged lymph nodes in numerous locations including the neck, waist, chest, and esophagus. The recommended treatment was chemotherapy in the form of liquid radiation. I was told with treatment I could have another 10-15 years. I wasn’t crazy about the chemotherapy.  With the help of my daughter, we researched online and found people who were cured by making dietary and lifestyle changes. We watch video testimonials, read books and other literature. I wanted to beat it this way. I began a dietary change that including juicing, no longer eating dairy productions, red meat, sweets, or refined sugar as much as possible.  

​6 months later I went back to the Mayo clinic in June 2018 and my scans showed most of my lymph nodes were reducing in size. I thought great my plan is working and I continued with it. On my next 6 month scan, the results weren’t as promising this time. My lymph nodes had become more enlarged. I was disappointed and frustrated. I realized I needed help for my plan wasn’t working. I began the search for alternative medicine doctors but there were not in the area. Then I remembered Laura, the woman I met briefly who had just opened a juice bar and was also a nutritionist.   I called to see if I could get an appointment to see if she was what I need and she definitely was. We started meeting for weekly sessions and right away I felt like she was going to be able to help me. She taught me about the concept of the whole body experience, something of which I was not aware of.  It was all about how to eat right, manage stress, think positively, never say I can’t do something or something is too hard. The body has the capability to heal itself as long as you provide it with the right diet and program your brain to believe.

​I have been working with Laura for the past 6 months and just had my next check in for a 6th month pet scan at the mayo clinic in June. At this check in I received affirmation that the whole body experience works. To my amazement and the amazements of the doctors, my lymph nodes in my neck, abdomen, and esophagus no longer showed any traces of lymphoma, The lymph nodes in all other areas have shrunk in size. The doctors could not believe the results. They said I am healthy and that I don’t need to return back for another checkup for a year. I am beyond grateful for all the help Laura has given me. I am on the way to being cured. I would recommend Laura to anyone. She is truly amazing and if you stick with her program I believe everyone can have the same success I have had.